Jizz - Harte EP (MMM007)

Stream/Buy = fanlink.to/MMM007 

In the end we are all just vibrating particles of energy moving to our own beat. 

We welcome label artist Jizz with his new EP Harte. Each track holds deep dark funky baselines with pumping drums and chattering percussions that create an atmosphere for movement!

Night Quest - String Theory EP (MMM006)

Stream/Buy = fanlink.to/MMM006 

Are we living in a definitive reality or a complexity of multi dimensions? 

Night Quest is back with a new EP exploring the wonders of musical essences that vibrate into your innermost thoughts. 

String - A rubber band bass holds this tune together with ascending chords that blast through the roof of attention. 

Theory - Heavy 808's dance in harmony with the sweet sound of an angelic arpeggiator guiding the tracks to a beautiful end.

Faucon - Voyage EP (MMM005)

Soaring through time and its many dimensions Faucon takes us on a voyage beyond our comprehension. This new release shares a view into his world, so be prepared for a beautiful trip. 

Charlestown - Deep chords, distant vocal cuts and plucky percussions make this track a smooth statement of beauty on the dance floor. 

Not Now - Rolling sub tones with with arp aesthetics vibrate your centre frequencies into a mindful bounce. 

Malaga - Gritty drums and percussions woo their way into a harmonious birth of melodic layers to give you a moment with yourself and inner thoughts.

Aaron Hensley - Lights Out EP (MMM004)

The eye sees as far as light permits but when the lights are out, what does the mind allow you to see? With this amazing release by veteran producer Aaron Hensley, a story is told within the abyss of darkness. 

Lights Out - Driving drum work and hypnotising chords ride the bassline to a bottomless pit where the pressure of sound engulfs your imagination. 

Revamp The Dark - A funky rubber bassline with atmospheric sounds gives life to a void where it doesn't exist but with the heart beat of kick drums, life resuscitates.

Under The Moon - Spirit Of Gaia EP (MMM003)

Vendex - Obscure EP (MMM002)

Night Quest - Dark Fleet EP (MMM001)